Feed Me!


So afraid of what I’ll say

How it’ll come out,

words to flow

But my head says “no”

So I don’t lose my clout.

I tell God to “feed me”

With words meant for you.

But most of them are about my life

Feeling ashamed of the damage they will do.


Dear God:

Open my heart and close off my head

Help me to trust what you say instead.

Help me to say what you need to say

To whoever needs it that day.

Help me to share with the gift that you gave,

Telling others about you and how to be saved.

Help me to love them through words that are yours

And show them your love and how you open/close doors.

Help me to believe in all that you say,

Help me to say, trust and obey.

I want to please you and be your voice.

Please keep “feeding me” your words,

I make that my choice!






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