The Truth!

During your time at home, Read Your Bible! God’s warnings and outcomes are in there, Before, During and After. His Word is the Truth! And what you are going through now is in there somewhere! In Exodus, Isaiah, Corinthians and Revelation, all throughout the Bible, you will find Truth after Truth of God’s warnings to the people, what they had to do and their outcomes.
God’s Word is a book for you to live your life from. He is a Living God and His words are the Living Truth! What was relevant back then, is relevant today! Change your heart and mindset by reading His word. Your faith will be stronger and your life will be at peace at all times. You will not worry about what is happening or what will happen, because you KNOW that God is in Control and HE claims the Victory every time! Praise God, Praise God! Thank you, Jesus! (bout to have some Church up in here)🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

Author: Lola Brooks

I am a Children's Author and Teacher. I love kids and Jesus! I love coffee, movies, mission trips and ice cream sandwiches!

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