He Protects and Provides!

I’m really stubborn! (don’t agree, I’ll know) I know I give God the run around when he tells me “No” and “Not yet!” I try to manipulate the situation to fit how I see it right now and start building a future around something that’s not mine. So I’m always in recovery. But during worship today, He made Himself very clear when He said, “If he leads you to me AND builds my kingdom with you, that’s him!”
God has given me a purpose that only I can fill. The wrong situation will take me away from that AND away from God. I don’t ever want that to happen. So I’ll remember what my Father said. He’s my protector AND he will provide because He loves me so much.
He also loves you that much!

Author: Lola Brooks

I am a Children's Author and Teacher. I love kids and Jesus! I love coffee, movies, mission trips and ice cream sandwiches!

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