For A Season!


When it ends, no matter what it is, it’s sad. It could be something you wanted or didn’t want. But it ends. Take a moment to ponder and breathe. You’ve had a time whether good or bad in your life to live and experience life as it was.  It was for a season.  You made an impact, loved and now lost. It was only for a season, not forever!

Today was our last day of Little Scholars Camp.  I was not at my school, in my classroom or with students I knew before.  We had a wonderful time!  We learned, played, created, watched, read, ate and loved!  

Hugs were especially hard today.  The words they spoke.  The love they showed.  The smiles they shared were all for me!  “You’re the greatest Teacher of all time”, they said.  “We love you!”

What am I supposed to do with that!  I will never see them again! I took a moment to ponder and breathe.  I’m glad Summer Camp is over, but those kids make it hard to walk away.  I know I made a difference.  I know I made an impact. I will have to hold onto those times, those memories and those moments.  I have to remember my purpose, why I’m here doing just this: Teaching littles!

It was just for a season, a wonderful, loving, would do it again, Season. 

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