encouragement for the soul

My Personal Self Care Plan


Demetrius Farrior is the best person for my self care. I have been with Dfit for 3 years virtually. Ups and down, pandemic, back to school, broken hearts, passing loved ones, life in general, DFIT has been my beacon. God being first, of course. But with his expertise and Andrea Anderson’s constant reminders and organizational skills, I have grown into the person I’ve always believed I could be. We all need someone. We can’t do it alone. We don’t know everything. Leaving my workout, meal planning and self care to someone else, I can concentrate on being a Teacher, a Mom and Grandma. Plus, I look way younger than most people my age! And who doesn’t want that? Contact him today! With no pills or drinks, just consistent hard work, it will change your life forever! #myhero

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