This is a wonderful book by a wonderful Author and Teacher, Mel Jorgensen! I really enjoyed reading it myself, but I can’t wait to share it with my class! 2nd grade Teachers and up, this fits into your curriculum. You can purchase it on Amazon.

What’s Missing?

I love how God reminds me that I am His and He is mine.  I was driving  and thinking about the pieces of my life that were missing. So He reminded me that there are no worldly pieces (love, relationships, friends, jobs, hobbies, money, stuff, etc.) missing because He makes me whole. Everything added to me, He adds. He loves to give good gifts to His children. So when you’re feeling incomplete, just remember God completes you.  He completes you with piece/peace.

He’s your heart piece/peace. He’s your relationship piece/peace.  He’s your provider piece/peace.  He’s your healer piece/peace.  He’s your comforter piece/peace.  He’s your strength piece/peace.  He’s your protector piece/peace.  He’s your friend piece/peace.  He’s your father piece/peace.  He is EVERY piece that is missing from your life.  And His PIECE gives you Peace and COMPLETENESS!

 If you then, who are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask him!

Matthew 7:11

Don’t Wait!

Please Please Please don’t wait another minute to ask God to be your Savior! You’re not promised tomorrow or even tonight. My heart breaks💔 for the families of people who didn’t know their loved ones would die today on a highway in Texas.😢 They didn’t know they wouldn’t come home. Their coworkers didn’t know they wouldn’t be at work because they’re dead.
Stop waiting! Stop putting it off! Stop thinking it won’t happen to you! We are all gonna die! BUT WE’RE ALL NOT GOING TO HEAVEN! BUT WE ALL CAN! I want you to.🙏 Say this prayer with me:
Dear Jesus, I want you to be my Savior! I want to accept you as my Savior, my redeemer. I believe you die to save me. Come into my heart. I want to live for you. I confess of my sins. I want to be in Heaven with you when I die. Thank you Jesus for your saving Grace. I love you!
Welcome to the Family of God!💗
Now when it’s your time, your loved ones won’t question where you’ve gone. They will know!🙌
Don’t be a sitting duck like these people were today. Be READY to meet your Heavenly Father! He is waiting for you!

When Losing My Identity

You Are Wonderfully and Beautifully Made” was written because my daughter always asked me “Why does my hair look like this?”  My children are biracial and have features different from my own. I would always tell her, “That’s just the way God made you.”   My favorite Bible chapter is Psalm 139.  It tells me that God knew he needed me on this Earth before I was ever a thought of by my parents.  He wanted me to be here.  He purposed me to do great things on this Earth that other people would benefit from.  He loved me before He created me.  He made me wonderfully and beautifully like no one else in the world.  THIS IS YOU TOO!  There is no one else in this world who is just like you .  You were created on purpose for a purpose. Your purpose is whatever you are passionate about, whatever you love doing that doesn’t seem like work.  He created you to bring Him glory, YOU bring him JOY!  You are his kid!  His baby!  He created you to build His kingdom by showing and telling others about Him.

I know life gets hard.  Sometimes unbearable.  You lose your identity, who you are and who you want to be.  But God never forgets you.  He never stops loving you!  He never stops pursuing you!  He wants to be in your life no matter where you are right now.  He has never left you and He will always be waiting to hear your sweet voice call to him when you pray.  

Dear God, I love you!  I want you to be in my life!  Forgive me of all my sins and come live inside me and help me live for you! In Jesus name, Amen.  

Lord, I pray for the your sweet child who will read this book.  I pray that they will feel your love and know how much you love them.  I pray you bring them peace, comfort, love, grace and mercy.  I pray that whatever they’re going through right now,  they will know you are there and they feel your love and your hugs. I pray that they will reach out to you for help and to say “Thank you.”   Please inspire them to live their life fully to you and to love others.  In Jesus name, Amen.  

Feel free to visit to get your own copy of You Are Wonderfully and Beautifully Made to remember who God made you to be.

Breaking Generational Curses

I love talking with my students about their purpose! I get SO excited about reminding them that they are not a mistake. That they are wanted and important! I’m just one Teacher trying to break generational curses! It can happen! Miracles happen all the time! I love my babies!

My favorite Bible verses come from Psalm 139: 1-18. What a powerful reminder of where we came from. God knew the world needed you. He knew how important your job on this Earth is to reach and bless other people. And to introduce them to Him! Wow! You are wonderfully and beautifully made by your Heavenly Father who knows how incredible you are because He created you! #beingateacherismysuperpower