My Story

I grew up in a big family! I have 2 sisters older than me and 1 sister younger. I have two younger brothers. Yes, that’s right! I am the middle child! I love my family but there were times they got on my nerves. I would go read or play by myself which serves me a great service now.

I never babysat, never played school (to my knowledge), I liked Barbies, though, by myself. In high school, I made a timeline of my future. It went something like this:

College to get a BA in Business Administration, married by age 30 and no children. Really! What actually happened? It went like this:

College: Degree in Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management, first child born, married, second child born, divorced, College: Degree in Elementary Education, Teaching, Degree in Pre-K Education, Children’s Book Author.

Not what I expected, of course. But it is exactly what God had planned. He let me choose my plan first (free will), then I chose His plan (the right one). By trusting Him, He lead me into my purpose and gift of leading and loving children. Something I would have never, ever thought would happen in my childhood.

I am the happiest I’ve ever been. I love teaching my littles all the things they need to know: academics, social, emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical. I love writing the words that God wants people to know. He gives me the words and I give them to you. My purpose is challenging but God always has a solution. I am so glad I decided to do life His way and not mine. He really does know what is best for us and we should trust Him!