How to Support Authors

Supporting an author is like supporting any other business. Buying their merchandise and spreading the news about how awesome they are helps their business grow. Small businesses flourish when satisfied customers bring new customers into their business. I am an Author!

If you have read my children’s book, You Are Wonderfully and Beautifully Made, please leave a review on Amazon.  If you have not read it yet, you may use this link to buy a copy  or eBook.

Book Published

Hey, everyone!  I finally republished my first children’s book, You Are Wonderfully and Beautifully Made.  My eBook is live and ready to purchase.  My publisher and I are still working on the printed version which will available soon.

Thank you to all my followers, friends and family for your grace and support on these projects.  I could never do this without you.  If you read my books, please review them on Amazon.  Your reviews open the door for other readers to enjoy my books, too.

You can find my eBook at Amazon .com/LolaBrooks.   I can’t wait for you read it and allow it to touch your life.  Please share it with others, so they can be blessed as well.

Being Famous

Being famous is hard work.  It’s not for the ordinary, but the extraordinary!  Let me describe what a day in the life of being famous looks like.


You wake up from 8 hours of lovely sleep, make coffee and watch TV.  While watching TV, you write the next week’s lesson plans for your grade level.  Take a shower, get dressed, go pay a bill and buy a battery pack at your Walmart.


Then go home, put on makeup, get dressed and look fabulous!  Grab all your materials and get into the car.  Drive to the book signing and set up your table with materials.  During book signing, meet wonderful people, listen to wonderful music, make connections and lots of money from selling your book.


After your book signing, you pack up, thank who invited you and leave.  Go get something to eat from the drive-thru of a fast food restaurant and go home.  At home, get re-dressed into yoga pants and t-shirt and eat dinner.  Then turn on TV, watch re-runs of your favorite show, catch up on emails and social media.  Post any pictures and video to all social sites and write a blog.


When the children come home, you spend time with them and share your days.  Go to bed on time so you can get 8 hours of lovely sleep.  Dream sweetly and when you wake up, it’s a new day.

Sounds absolutely awesome, doesn’t it!  Yeah, its the best!  Dream BIG and BIG things will happen!

Just Taking Notes

I try to write on Sundays each week, but sometimes I just can’t think of anything.  I have thoughts in my head and thoughts I have written down, but none taking root.  Just notes.


Writing used to be so hard for me, especially in college.  It took me forever to write a paper!  Unlike my roommate, who would wake up 30 mins. before class, write hers and get an A.  I ended up with a C.  Ugghh!  I use to write poems in middle school and I really liked it.  I do write poems now, but not all the time.  Just taking notes.


Now I write quotes and really good ones, too.  Just thoughts.  None ever recurring, no two the same.  Just notes.  You’ll find them on instagram:  @lolarbrooksbooks.  I also write blog posts.  Very random stories, true stories that are worth a look-see:


Just taking notes, turned into quotes, that turned into poems, that turned into blog posts, that turned into books or was it the other way around?  Hmmmm…….By the way,  I’m also an Author!  Children’s books for now, but I have some other inspirational books for big people on the horizon.  Keep a lookout @lolarbrooks on Twitter and lolabrooks on LinkedIn.  Oh, one more thing,  I am an Awesome Teacher as well!   I write lesson plans, schedules, anchor charts, emails, PLC notes, grants, etc.


Journals, notes on my phone, notes on my IPad, manuscripts on my PC, blogs on my Chrome, poems on napkins, voice recordings, a YouTube channel………the list goes on and one.  Random!  Just taking notes!


So what are you doing with your life?


p.s.  Don’t tell my pastor I am Just Taking Notes in church!