Joyfully Heartbroken

Sitting at the bedside of my mom at her last moments of life, reminiscing with my sisters.  Telling sweet, funny, sad memories of times we spent together.  Knowing that my parent’s homegoings (1 year apart) were pure joy in God’s Presence. No more pain, sadness, worry, tears, or struggles.  Just a heavenly reunion with Jesus, family and friends who’ve gone before them. And knowing mine will be the same.  I can’t wait to see you both again!  I LOVE you Mom and Dad!

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

It hasn’t been that long,

I don’t know what to say.

But it’s your Birthday,

And I feel sad today.

I usually call to sing,

But you’re no longer there.

You went to be with Jesus, 

So it’s a little hard to bear.

I know you’re having fun,

In heaven, it’s the place 

To be with all our loved ones

And see them face to face.

We miss you here, especially today

On this day that you were born.

But we know you’ll have much more fun

Even though our hearts are torn.

Happy Birthday, Daddy

In heaven, one sweet day

We’ll see you again and have a party

And be there with you to stay!

Loving written by Lola Brooks (his daughter)