Don’t Wait!

Please Please Please don’t wait another minute to ask God to be your Savior! You’re not promised tomorrow or even tonight. My heart breaks💔 for the families of people who didn’t know their loved ones would die today on a highway in Texas.😢 They didn’t know they wouldn’t come home. Their coworkers didn’t know they wouldn’t be at work because they’re dead.
Stop waiting! Stop putting it off! Stop thinking it won’t happen to you! We are all gonna die! BUT WE’RE ALL NOT GOING TO HEAVEN! BUT WE ALL CAN! I want you to.🙏 Say this prayer with me:
Dear Jesus, I want you to be my Savior! I want to accept you as my Savior, my redeemer. I believe you die to save me. Come into my heart. I want to live for you. I confess of my sins. I want to be in Heaven with you when I die. Thank you Jesus for your saving Grace. I love you!
Welcome to the Family of God!💗
Now when it’s your time, your loved ones won’t question where you’ve gone. They will know!🙌
Don’t be a sitting duck like these people were today. Be READY to meet your Heavenly Father! He is waiting for you!

Looking Back Moves Us Forward

This was my story 7 years ago! God can and will change lives if we let him. No one is immune from sin, but God heals and protects.
God is So Good!💗

I love how God changes you for the better and you get to see it for yourself!
About a year and half ago, I was brought down to my knees when I lost my house(my fault) and my kids and I had to live in separate places. I worked in Charlotte, drove back and forth daily, then lost my car (my fault). I took the bus from Gastonia to Charlotte and back to go to work daily. During this time, I was working on my relationship with God, putting my whole trust in him because I had nothing else and boy did he have his hands full! In one months time, I had a house, a car and two jobs in Gastonia. I’ve noticed myself over this time as being more focused on God than myself. I am more calm during stressful situations, because I know that God has it under control and he will give me the wisdom to know how to handle what I can handle. I love my relationship with God! He takes broken people and makes them new! Thank you God for my new life in you!

Want a new life with God? Pray this prayer: Dear God, please come into my heart and change my life. I believe in my heart that you died for my sins and to wash me clean. I confess all my sin to you and ask you to forgive me. I want to live for you and bring others to you and your love through my changed life! In Jesus name, Amen! Thank you Jesus!

Am I Wrong?

If I’m wrong about God, what did I lose? Nothing! But what if I’m right? What did you lose? ETERNITY!

Dear Jesus, I accept you as my Savior, I believe you died on the cross for my sins, I Confess my sins and ask you to forgive me and come into my heart forever! I love you! Thank you for saving me and taking me to Heaven to be with you one day! Amen!